How do you calculate your exact macros/macro split? (Macros part 3)

So you’ve figured out how many calories you need to eat to reach your goals. Now what? How to you figure out how many grams of protein, carbs and fat to eat daily?
This video breaks down the following:
    1. How to calculate your protein macros/how many grams of protein should you be eating?
    2. How to calculate your carb macros/how many grams of carbs should you be eating?
    3. How to calculate your fat macros/how many grams of fat should you be eating?
    4. How to target fat loss
    5. What to eat to lose weight

WATCH THE VIDEO FIRST but I recommend double checking your calcualtions by using: Alan Argons’s Total Energy Expenditure equation.  *This equation works best for those who already active.

Equation: Target body weight (lbs) x (8-10) or (9-11) + avg. total weekly training hours

The 8-10/9-11 comes from below:


8 = low intensity training

9 = medium intensity training

10 = high intensity training


9 = low intensity training

10 = medium intensity training

11 = high intensity training


(Image from

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  1. Hi my name is Sonia I’m one of your follower in IG and have a couple questions about macro I’m 5’1
    125 pounds I exercise at home and gym Mon-Friday I still learning on healthy clean and healthy would you help me calculate my macro, I would love to tone and sculpt my body

  2. Post

    Hi Sonia! Way to workout at home. That takes true dedication! That’s how I started too! Unfortunately I don’t calculate macros for people that I am not working with/meal planning for. I do have several youtube videos that walk you through the whole process. You can do it yourself! All you’ll need is paper, a pen and a calculator =) Check Videos are under the section macros or you can just search my site for how to calculate macros. Best of luck!

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