Real Life vs. Social Media

Instagram was recently rated the #1 WORST APP for people’s mental health. While fitness and physical health are a priority for me, so is my mental health. You best believe that your health includes not just your body but also your mind. The biggest transformation I have made in my fitness journey is a mental one. I love myself! My body has tons of flaws and yet I still love myself. It can be challenging to not get sucked into social media and let it define what healthy looks like, what beautiful looks like, what success looks like BUT, YOU HAVE TO! This is a lot easier said than done, it has taken me decades. I’m 30 years old! It has been a very long journey and continues to be an ongoing one. Some days I still struggle but more often than not I can find the beauty in my flaws. I have worked hard to build a healthy relationship with food. Food fuels my body, my workouts and is an important part of many special times with friends and family. I love eating healthy but I’m also okay eating ice cream and pizza. Remember, your mind is powerful it has the ability to help you grow, become stronger, or it can hold you back, keep you down and prevent you from reaching your potential. On social media I choose to follow women and men who “keep it real”, who share their successes and struggles. No one’s journey is linear. If social media isn’t making your life better, maybe take some time to step back? Maybe it’s time to follow some new people? Don’t forget that behind every Instagram picture are imperfections, cellulite, flaws and 30 outtakes.

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