Take the guess work out of weight loss!

Take the guess work out of weight loss! The members area will:

  • help you calculate your macros
  • meal prep
  • every recipe has a full macro and calorie breakdown
  • give you access to 180+ recipes
  • provide suggestions on dealing with weight loss plateaus
  • see results while eating delicious foods
  • be updated weekly with new recipes and meal plans


You’ll get instant access and can cancel at any time!

  • 180+ recipes
  • my guide, “How to Calculate your Macros”
  • my guide, “Meal Plan for your Macros or Calories
  • meal plan examples with direct links to recipes (1200-2000 calories)
  • low carb recipes
  • recipes ready in 30 minutes or less
  • recipes for all meals
  • slow cooker recipes
  • 3 bonus guides
  • recipes you can sort by calories
  • tried and tested meal prep recipes

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1500 calories Macros (120P, 148C, 46F)
Breakfast  Choco Peanut Butter smoothie
Lunch  Chicken curry
120 grams cooked rice
Dinner  Pulled chicken nachos
Snacks  1 slice Ezekiel bread + 1 Tbsp. PB
1 banana
1843 calories Macros (143P, 214C, 57F)
Breakfast  High Protein Egg sandwich
+ 80 grams avocado
+ 1 cup mixed berries
Lunch  Chicken bolognese
whole wheat pasta 70 grams (measured dry)
Dinner  10 minute chicken meatballs
+ 150 grams peeled and boiled potatoes mashed with 1 tsp. butter and 1-2 Tbsp. almond milk
Snacks 1 apple
1 string cheese (80 calories)
1 hard-boiled egg
15 almonds


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