I Overate… Now What?

You just had the best dinner of your life: the caveat? You overdid it. You are stuffed. It is uncomfortable and borderline painful. I’ve found myself in this position and it is never pleasant. 

Before you spiral, take a breath. This feeling is temporary. 

The holidays are full of opportunities to gorge yourself. And while I am the biggest fan of good food, binging never feels good. If you’re interested in preventative measures, I also have plenty of blogs centered around intuitive eating. But we are all human! So the next time you find yourself stuffed to the brim, try out these tips.


Go for a walk

A leisurely walk will naturally induce the process of digestion! It’ll get your blood pumping and lower those blood sugar levels. It will also get you out of your head and into your body. Feel free to ask a friend or family member to tag along. Getting outside and into the fresh air will do you good!


Drink some water & skip carbonation

The last thing you want to do is fill your already full stomach with gas, so skip the champagne and soda. Instead, sip on a small (8oz) cup of water. Don’t guzzle! Slow and steady wins the race. This will also help rehydrate you from any excess sodium and aid in digestion. 


Don’t lay down 

It might be tempting to get cozy and take a nap. Don’t do it! As you’re laying down, the acid bubbling in your stomach will creep up and give you some gnarly heartburn. If you feel like taking it easy, prop a pillow behind your head. Just be sure your head is elevated higher than your stomach!


Give yourself grace

I feel like I sound like a broken record because this theme runs through all of my posts, but this is the most important tip. The best thing you can do in this situation is show kindness to yourself. Beating yourself up won’t help you. You’ve already over-eaten. Your primary focus should be to ease any discomfort with the steps above! Think about how you would treat a friend who binged and is upset. You’d comfort them, right? Show that same grace to yourself!


Treat tomorrow as a normal day

It might be tempting to do a lot of cardio and restrict your calories for the next day. DON’T DO IT. You’ve already come so far in your relationship with food. You are here on this blog, aren’t you? That means you have recognized that diet culture is harmful and something needs to change. Treat tomorrow like a normal day. If you scheduled a workout, go for it! But don’t overdo it. Working out is not punishment. Please don’t skip any meals either. You need to fuel your workout with enough food. Be sure to prioritize protein at every meal to keep you fuller for longer!


Remember that one slip up does NOT discount all the progress you have made. We are human and we deserve grace. You are intentional and you are doing your best.

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