Booty burning Netflix workout

When you love Netflix but have  goals. Watch the video for more details on how to do each exercise! Exercises in the video include: 1. Clamshells 2. side leg raises 3. big circles clockwise 4. big circles counter clockwise 5. baby circles clockwise 6. big circles counter clockwise

Can you target fat loss?

Is it actually possible to target what parts of your body lose fat? I ALWAYS recommend doing your own research but here are a couple articles to get you started:………

Macro Calculation Tutorial (YouTube)

The following example is the same example included at the end of the YouTube video below: 1. Jane calculates her BMR using an online BMR calculator ( and is told her BMR is 1530. This means that even if Jane lays in bed and does nothing all day, she still burns 1530 calories. 2. Now, Jane has to account for …

How I started my fitness journey + thoughts on BBG

Real talk about how I started my fitness journey back in 2015. I talk about my first BBG attempt that failed and how I completed several rounds. I also share my honest thoughts and experiences using the guide and what I liked and disliked. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions! justgetfitcontact @