Tips For Weighing Yourself


When you work with a coach: Make needs and goals clear. If you don’t want to weigh yourself, speak that out! Often we have nonscale victories that directly track progress: lifting heavier, progress pictures, measurements, the ability to run longer- there are so many ways!

That being said- I do have clients that like the scale. They can look at it as objective data without getting emotionally attached to the number. However, some people say that and then they spiral- I can see the sadness, self doubt, the disappointment and that’s when I do think It’s important to have a chat about whether weighing yourself is the right way to track progress. Be kind to yourself!


If you’re set on weekly weigh-ins, I have some advice.


Check in with yourself before and after you weigh in. Use your check-in before to evaluate how you’ve done this week and decide if weighing yourself is right at this moment. And after you read the number, use it as an opportunity to note what you did well and areas you can improve.


Questions to ask yourself before:
  • How have I been eating this week?
  • What nonscale wins have I had?
  • What challenges did I face?
  • How am I feeling about my body? 


*If you are feeling badly about your body, should you get on the scale? No, absolutely not. Getting on a scale could be really detrimental to your emotional progress!


Questions to ask yourself after:
  • If things are going well, what have I been doing that has led to this success?
  • If they aren’t, what changes can you make that align with your goals?
  • How have I been feeling after workouts and with my diet?
  • How are my stress levels?


I also recommend making post-it notes to leave near your scale if you need a little assurance. Here are some ideas:

  • Women have fluctuate a LOT
  • Our cycles impact weight
  • Weighing after meals can add more weight
  • Weighing at inconsistent times won’t show accurate data
  • You are Beautiful! 💖


Use the scale as an opportunity to reflect on wins, challenges, and successes. And really try to celebrate and acknowledge nonscale victories! You don’t walk around with a little bubble over your head that says your weight- no one cares! People care if you’re nice to them, if you’re polite- they’re interested in your hobbies and passions. I promise that your weight is the LEAST interesting thing about you! So there doesn’t need to be this immense pressure to be a certain weight. The scale is a useful tool but it is not the only or most effective way to measure your health! 


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