5 Tips for a Successful Week

Take away the notion that you can’t start something midday or mid week. You can start now, even if it’s Thursday! You have an opportunity to make the rest of the day/week successful. I have tips that are going to make this week and the weeks ahead much more efficient. Let’s get started…


1. Plan Your Workouts
    • Start with how many workouts you’d like to achieve. 
    • Where do these workouts fit into your week? It’s really easy to say, “I can do 3 days this week!” But when you don’t schedule the days/times, the chance of you actually doing them decreases drastically. Plan your workouts like you do your meetings, dates, and other obligations.
    • Schedule workouts that fit into your schedule! Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Scheduling workouts without planning and accounting for the week ahead, is setting yourself up for failure. Maybe you take a look at your week and say, “Woah, I’m super busy. I can only commit to 3, 20 minute workouts.If you go longer or add a workout, it’s a nice bonus and you’ve accomplished more than what you set out for! Set smaller goals and crush them!
    • Follow a program! It doesn’t have to be mine. You’ll see way more progress following a program than if you just show up and do random workouts. 


2. Lay Out Your Clothes
    • This might sound silly but it works. Plan out what you’re wearing! Lay out clothes that make you feel good in the kind of training you’re doing. It could be a baggy T-shirt and leggings, or literally anything. But seeing that pile dwindle with each workout will leave you feeling accomplished.


3. Plan Your Meals
    • If you don’t have a plan, you are not setting yourself up for success. Workdays run long, and without a plan you’ll often find yourself past the point of hunger, stuffing your face with whatever you can find. Whereas if you prep a few snacks during the day and a lunch, you won’t be ravenous come 5 oclock.
    • You don’t have to plan out every meal for the entire week, but just run through some stuff in your brain. I have a great blog post on convenient meal prep right here that will help you get started.


4. Reflect on Last Week in Terms of Exercise and Nutrition
    • How did it go? Think of some wins and places that need improvement.
    • Pick ONE area of improvement and make that your priority for the coming week. There’s no need to overhaul your life! If you make that one thing an inch better week by week, choose something else to improve upon! It’s said that a habit takes 21 days to create and starting small will make you feel so accomplished. Keep it simple! These add up and this is how you make lifestyle changes.


5. Consistency Over Perfection
    • If you consistently work towards your goal and show up for yourself every day (even if it’s not perfect) you will see results. Consistently trying to reach your goal from #4 will get you closer and closer to where you want to be. You just need to show up for yourself a little bit every day. Get rid of the all-or-nothing mentality!


Those are my 5 tips for a successful week! Now, what are we going to do after reading this? 

We’re gonna try to implement these tips NOW, and not wait until next Monday! 😉

Have a great week,

XO Coach Nikki

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