Favourite Tips for Dining Out

The word “control” comes up a lot when I first get to know my coaching clients. Many love the control they have over their diet when eating in a routine. The security that comes with preparing your food and knowing what’s in it is a double edged sword. On one hand, it directly supports your progress and helps you reach your goals, but on the other, it can feel really limiting when you think about eating out. 

If you feel scared or stressed by the thought of eating out, you are NOT alone. I used to literally bring my prepared food in Tupperware when I’d go out to dinner with friends. Or I would eat before and just watch my friends as they ate. Either way, it was soooooo unfulfilling. I do not recommend going to this extreme at all. 

This kind of control will not help you find food freedom. Having some control is important, but so is being flexible and adaptable. If you want to have a social life, you’ll have to loosen the reins on your regiments. One meal out is NOT going to ruin your week long, month long, or year long progress. I promise!


Here are a few reminders for you when you decide to go out to eat:
  • You are in control of going to this event, NOT starving
    • What I mean by this is, you are in control of eating regularly throughout the day so that you aren’t ravenous as soon as a bread basket is set in front of you
    • If you don’t eat throughout the day to “save calories,” you’re likely to overeat or eat waaaay too fast, leaving you feel “bleh”
    • *I am not telling you to eat a full meal before you go. Just please, please, pleeease make sure you don’t wait all day to eat
  • You are in control of how slowly you eat
    • You are allowed and encouraged to put your cutlery down for a break and make conversation.
    • Chew your food well. That means chewing until your food is all gross and soupy! 
    • ⭐️Fun Fact⭐️ Our digestion begins in our mouth
  • You are in control of how much you eat
    • You don’t have to eat everything on your plate, if you’re full you are more than welcome to box it up and take it home with you
    • If this is a buffet, you are in charge of how much you put on your plate
  • You are in charge of what you drink/ how much you drink
    • If you’re the designated driver, I encourage you to stick to water or enjoy one calorically high beverage
    • If you’re drinking alcohol and have health goals in mind, I encourage you to make a limit for yourself


These are four great reminders to implement during your next night out. But they’re also useful tips for every day. You can and should always chew your food, drink a lot of water, quit eating when you’re full, and ENJOY your food. Life is too short to miss out on opportunities and build memories. Those are the priceless things in life! 

*Bonus Strategy: If you’re eating out with a friend or partner, share your goals with that person. I know admitting your issues with this can feel really vulnerable or even embarrassing. But you know what? People in our lives who love us want to help us and support us in any way they can. The reason behind this is, it’s an opportunity for connection- Odds are the people you surround yourself with, want you to reach your goals and are willing to help you with them! 

As someone who now listens to her body, these tools helped me. Let me know how they help you, @justget.fit on instagram!

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