How to avoid mindless eating

STORY TIME! Last night I went to the fridge and took out a piece of fruit + some cottage cheese. I stood there for a moment just staring at the food. I wanted to eat it but realized, I wasn’t actually hungry, I was just bored. So, I put it all back in the fridge. #TrueStory
MINDLESS eating often results in weight gain or simply prevents people from reaching their goals.
Have you ever:
🔸eaten when you were bored?
🔸eaten because were sad or happy?
🔸eaten even though you were full?
I guarantee almost every one of you said “yes” to one or more of these questions.
I’ve spent the last 6 months being more MINDFUL when eating. For me this means:
🔸Eating only when I’m hungry
🔸Eating slowly and chewing my food
🔸Eating till I’m full or almost full
These 👆 might seem ridiculous BUT the reality is that a lot of us associate food with routine (eating because it’s lunch time), emotions 😁😭 + combined with a lack of time, eating can become an unnatural process 👽.
BENEFITS of mindfulness:
🔸I haven’t had to work too hard to maintain my weight despite 9 weeks of traveling + way more eating out than usual.
🔸I’ve avoided a lot of unnecessary calories by not eating out of boredom!
🔸Calorie counting and macro tracking alone can lead some people focus more on the numbers and cause them to lose touch with hunger levels. I remember counting calories and thinking I’ve got 500 calories left at 9pm, what should I eat..despite my lack of hunger.
🔸Less guilt about eating more. The truth is some days I need 3000 calories and some days I’m perfectly full and content with 1500.
It takes time to become more mindful. After 6 months I still have to be conscious of old habits..especially late at night.

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