Staying on track when eating out or travelling

When I first began my fitness journey, in 2015, I went 12 weeks without missing a workout, without eating out, or eating a single food I deemed “unhealthy”. I would go out for dinner with friends and just order tea, and eat when I got home. At the time, I saw myself as being disciplined and dedicated to “fitness”. But living like that gave me anxiety about social situations (which I never have before) and was really just creating a new unsustainable way of living.
Finding your balance takes time, and a lot of trial and error. At this point in my life I don’t stress about eating out with friends or family. I look forward to creating new memories with people I love! I know a meal out doesn’t mean I’ve “fallen off the wagon” or that i’ll “lose all my progress” because the 80-20 rule works for me.
Over the years I’ve found a couple things that help me to stay on track if I’m eating out more than usual:
1. Look at the menu ahead of time (if possible)
2. Avoid liquid calories
3. Balance out my eating, ex. lighter lunch to make up for a bigger dinner
4. Work out that day (but nothing extra)
5. Eat a small meal before and only order an appetizer or 2
6. Have a mint or chew gum when i’m full – to avoid overeating
7. Prioritize outings if it’s a super busy time of year
While good nutrition is key to progress, your mental well being is essential! That’s why having strategies in play to help you find balance and sustainability in your fitness life are super important! Fitness doesn’t have to be all or nothing!

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