Avoiding Hunger while Dieting

278 CALS (529 grams of food) vs. 192 CALS (207 grams of food).

Dieting/cutting back doesn’t mean being hungry all the time. I’ve eaten the left meal plenty of times before and generally within 30 minutes i’m hungry again. So, instead of setting myself to seek out more food within the hour, I prefer to increase the volume of my meal. I’m definitely not ashamed to say I have a big appetite. Or, that I hate the feeling hungry. When I cut back my calories I maintain the volume of my meals with veggies. This doesn’t just apply to breakfast, but lunch and dinner as well!
Instead of just eating my 2 eggs + 2 egg whites, I add a ton of veggies to increase the size of my meal by 322 grams and only 86 calories. I added:
🔸 1 cup of mushrooms
🔸 3 asparagus
🔸 1/4 cup cherry tomatoes
🔸 1 sundried tomato
🔸 1/2 zucchini
🔸 Tbsp. onions
🔸 1 chili
Doing this helps me to get a lot of micronutrients into my diet and stay full for a lot longer.
What’s your current goal? Weight loss? Weight gain? Weight maintenance? Or are you still towards having a healthy relationship with food 😀, because that’s the most important one of all!!! ♥

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  1. I currently struggle to loose weight I want to be @ 120 and I am @ 162. My height is 5’0
    I try to eat healthy and do exercise. I do good for breakfast and lunch but terrible for dinner.
    What can I do to start seeing my goal?

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    Hey there! I recommend signing up for my free 30 day challenge or searching “weight loss” on my site. It’s the most recent post :). I also offer personal one on one nutrional coaching. You can get in touch with me via the contact button in the menu. Cheers!

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