Carbs vs. Carbs

CARBS – not all carbs are created equal so it’s important to focus on macro & micro (nutrional value) of foods. When people cut carbs they often restrict bread but continue to eat ???. FRUITS ARE CARBS and there is nothing wrong with that. A lot of fruit actually contain more carbs than foods deemed “bad” ? like bread. I’m not saying to cut out fruit and bread, for most of us carbs are a very important food group ?! Fruits contain a ton of nutrients, vitamins and have a lot of benefits that overly processed bread doesn’t have! It’s important to remember there are also different kinds of carbs like complex carbs and simple carbs, and our bodies process them, break them down and use them differently. Fruits digest very differently and both of these foods fall on different places on the glycemic index which affects the body too. The weights of these are also different and important to keep in mind. The point of this, is that it is beneficial to know what’s what ☝so you can make informed choices based on your dietary preferences and goals. What works for one person may not work for another. I personally include both whole grain sprouted bread and fruit in my diet because it works for me. Bananas are also a? great preworkout! Better yet, banana, peanut butter sandwiches are where it’s at!

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