High Intensity Full Body Workout

Full body workout as requested! 3 rounds to get your heart going and the sweat flowing! Save this workout for next week! ?KB swings x 15 ?KB squats x15 ?Push-ups x10 ?Toe taps x100 ?10 weighted bent leg jack knives ?40 bench hops ? 50 mountain climbers ?8 Ninja jump, broad jump, box jump

How to engage + build a community on Instagram

When I first started my Instagram I would read through the comments of big IG accounts and think, all the “cool” girls seem to know each other. So now that I know a ton of “cool girls” haha I’m sharing my tips for building a community of social media. These things have helped me to build real life friendships and …

How I started my fitness journey + thoughts on BBG

Real talk about how I started my fitness journey back in 2015. I talk about my first BBG attempt that failed and how I completed several rounds. I also share my honest thoughts and experiences using the guide and what I liked and disliked. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions! justgetfitcontact @ gmail.com