How to engage + build a community on Instagram

When I first started my Instagram I would read through the comments of big IG accounts and think, all the “cool” girls seem to know each other. So now that I know a ton of “cool girls” haha I’m sharing my tips for building a community of social media. These things have helped me to build real life friendships and an incredible supportive online and real-life community. Picture by @katiecrewe

Engage by commenting, supporting and asking questions!

  1. Want someone to see something? Make sure it’s related to them and then tag them in both the caption AND on the picture. IG limits how notifications to 100 so depending on the time difference, that person may never see your tag.
  2. Ask questions and answer questions in captions so you get to know people better.
  3. Don’t take it personal if someone doesn’t answer a question for 2 weeks ago let alone a year ago. Due to notification limits chances are they didn’t see them. Personally, I don’t go back to posts after I’ve answered questions. Instead, ask question about old posts on the latest post, that way people see them =).
  4. Post IG stories of you being yourself! Posts can be so curated and sometimes a little unrealistic, so I always love to see how people are daily through their stories! You can also tag people in your stories! Just make sure it’s relevant!
  5. Don’t send DM’s that just say “Hello”. Most people have had way too many creepy conversations like that. Take time to Introduce yourself! People are always more willing to help when they know more about you!

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