Chicken Burritos

Time: 20 minutes
Yields: 1 burrito
Macros: 50c/5.4f/48p
Calories: 419

1/2 bell pepper
1 tbsp onions
6 grape tomatoes
125 grams ground chicken breast
90 grams cooked brown rice
30 light mozzarella or cheddar
Flatout Rosemary & Olive Oil Wrapwp-1462734218151.jpg


  1. cook brown rice (I do this when I first begin meal prepping so it is ready when I need it)
  2. cook ground chicken breast with taco seasoning or Flavor god Taco Tuesday
  3. sautee peppers and onions
  4. weigh the rice, chicken and cheese
  5. cut 6 grape tomatoes in half
  6. put as much as you can into your wrap, eat the rest like a burrito bowl!

wp-1462734218151.jpgimg_20160508_120112.jpg 6cd9da3b-885d-461c-a71a-ebb1430450fb

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