Gaining Weight


What if you stopped focusing on a “goal weight” and instead focused on how you felt? how your body performed? how emotionally and mentally strong you were?

130 pounds use to be my goal weight. It’s actually what I wanted to weigh when I first started working out again. But that weight also came with restrictions, unhappiness, stress and an unsustainable lifestyle. So often people assume that seeing a specific number on the scale will result in total happiness. The fact is, your life doesn’t just “come together” when you reach a certain weight. Moreover, the way you imagine looking at X weight isn’t always the reality. My  transformations:  #justgetfittransformation

I use to go from diet to diet, restricting what I ate, and being mentally overwhelmed. I only worked out in preparation for vacations and events and saw exercise as punishment.

On the right, I’m feelin’ ma self ?? because I’m my own definition of beauty. I weight train 5+ times a week. I eat without restrictions, I fuel my body with nutrient rich foods and have a healthy relationship with food. I know missing a workout or a couple of workouts won’t ruin my progress. I know that a meal with family and friends is worth every calorie. And most importantly, I know that I’m worth the effort!

There are 7 years between these two pictures. I wish I could go back in time and tell the girl I used to be that it’ll get easier..but remind her there are no quick fixes. I’d tell her that her worth cannot be determined by the number on the scale or the size of her clothes. I’d tell her true progress takes time and involves a change in mentality.

What advice would you give your past self?

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