Meal Prepping for Two

Two different ways to meal prep for two

I’ve seen a lot of “his” and “her” meals with pretty different calories, and I’m always like, “I want his” haha! For the last couple of months, I make our meals identical despite Vitali being taller and weighting 45 pounds more than me. I find it so much easier to meal prep the same meals for both of us. It makes it easier when going into the fridge to grab food. There’s no, “you ate the wrong one.”

So how does this work? I generally only prep one or two meals for us per day. Our prepped meals are generally 400-600 calories.

My meals:

  • I eat our prepped meals as is
  • I prep a breakfast that is 300-500 cals
  • I consume the rest of my cals in snacks
  • Protein shakes (while unnecessary) I enjoy them so I continue to include them. I keep the calories lower by minimizing the fruit, no added sweeteners and use water instead of milks/nut milks

His meals:

  • I add calorie dense sides to his prepped meals. +avocado, olive oil, nuts
  • His favourite breakfast is around 1200-1500 calories (2 pieces of bread, peanut butter, eggs, spinach, avocado)
  • Protein shakes for him can easily be made to equal 500+ calories  (protein powder, milk, peanut butter, nuts, Greek yogurt, etc)

Another Approach

Meal prepping for two is entirely possible even if you have different goals.

  • Only prep as much food as each person needs. Skip days where they have meetings or social events.
  • Increase or decrease the portions. I may only need 100 grams of chicken while I might portion out 140 grams for my hubby.
  • You can vary the sides/carb quantities based on goals. Extra large serving of sweet potatoes for someone bulking or 1½ cups of broccoli for someone on a cut.
  • You don’t have to measure out both peoples meals. One person may prefer a buffet style prep so they can pick and choose their combinations each day.
  • Designate areas of the fridge for each individual so you don’t have to label boxes with pre-measured foods.
  • Don’t forget to chat about what you’re both okay eating on repeat.

Meal prepping together saves time, money, helps you stay on track and is honestly a great way to to support one another in reaching your goals.

There is no wrong way to meal prep. I’ve varied our portions and kept my containers on one side of the fridge and his on another. However, right now, this is what’s working for me. Always experiment with things and figure out what works best for you!

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