How I started my fitness journey and the most important changes I made to get to where I am

This video answers:

1. How and when I started my fitness journey
2. The changes I made in my life to get to where I am
3. The most important change I made to get to where I am
4. How tall am I?
5. How much cardio do I do?
6. Do I count calories?
7. My tips for your fitness journey
8. How to figure out how many calories to eat/eating for your goals

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  1. You are really amazing .. am trying hard really because am diabetes .. am between that i really love love live chocolate .. and i can not eat am stucking that i cannot eat because am diabetes or i wanna keep within my calories, realg sometimes i just binge a lot because am just tired .. thank you for helping me through your posts :”)

  2. What if you don’t care about losing weight, but you want to lose fat? Do you need to cut calories then? I don’t care if I gain lbs but I want to lose body fat and ideally gain muscle. I don’t understand what my calorie or macro intake should look like in this situation.

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