Pizza isn’t JUNK FOOD.

Read the whole post if you’re looking to make a lifestyle change, are tired of “eating healthy” but not losing weight or simply want to have a healthy relationship with food.

When it comes to food and gaining weight, your body doesn’t think, “Oooh girlie ate a pizza, I’m storing this as fat!”

Eating too much of anything, including healthy foods, can lead to a calorie surplus, and that’s what leads to weight gain.

If you’re struggling to include foods like pizza in your life because of feelings of guilt or anxiety, I’d say it’s time to prioritize your relationship with food. No food needs to be off limits. If you’re not where you want to be, don’t be so quick to blame the 3 slices of pizza you ate Friday night. The reality is most people don’t think twice about the copious amounts of nut butter they drizzled on everything all week long, the trail mix the they snack in the car, or the power cookie full of amazing nuts and seeds they get at whole foods every other day (that’s about 600 calories.)

If you’re really struggling to figure out where you’re going wrong, or think you’re eating healthy but not seeing results this is my advice….track your food for 7 days and don’t change a thing about how you’re eating. Apps like My Fitness Pal can be a great tool to help you learn where your calories are coming from. I also recommend looking at your MFP diary on your desktop or desktop version on your phone. You’ll be able to view the calories and macros of every food you eat in one place.

A random food diary example to show how the desktop version of My Fitness Pal looks.

You can learn a lot about:

  • what you eat
  • where your calories come from
  • how much or little you eat
  • your calorie intake

I know it can be tedious but it can also help you realize that no particular food is good or bad. The example above (not mine) shows that calories definitely can eat up even if the foods are relatively healthy.

I currently don’t track my calories or macros but tracking my macros definitely helped me to learn more about portions that work best for me. I learned how to balance out my meals and cravings. If I want to have pizza, pasta or go out to eat, I know I can.

Lifestyle changes are tough, I get it! I created my FREE 30 day challenge last year to show how you can transition into intuitive eating as well as some tips and tricks you can incorporate to learn to eat for your goals. Check out the challenge here.

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