Progress + Treats

The day I realized that one ice cream wouldn’t undo all my hard work is the day my life changed.
It was truly one of the hardest things to understand. I use to think being rigid and inflexible was the only way I’d get results. I was wrong. It made me unhappy, caused me to miss out on a lot, and I never actually resulted in me looking the way I wanted to.

I’m not perfect. I don’t have abs. BUT, I am happy (I literally could not have been cheesin’ any harder ?). I’ve created BALANCE in my life. I train hard, I fuel my body and I have an?when I want.

I was so stoked about this black ice cream from Black Poodle in Berlin. It even came in a black cone! It’s, “authentic black Mexican vanilla with coloured marshmallows”. I also made it look like Mikey Mouse which made me happy AF!

Me eating it was a gong show though! Literally got ice cream on my face, sunglasses, shoes, romper and all over my hands. Good thing it ? ? fml. Oh, it also blacked out my teeth ?. The whole crew had to help clean me up and wipe my face. wiping my face ?!

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