Should You Eat Protein Bars?

I hate being hungry. And if you’ve ever been on a diet/cut you know a calorie deficit can be tough. In an effort to make my calories go further, I minimize/cut out most bars. The 65 g bar show above has 270 calories (10 g protein, 10 g fat, 36 g carbs). My big ass super delicious Chinese chicken salad (from @healthnutla here in Cali) has 226 calories (with the amount of dressing I use ~275). It also has way more protein.
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Now I know bars are convenient, and I’m not here to tell you to avoid them. However, if you’re someone that has a good appetite, adding veggies or salads to your meals helps to:
✔️ Increase the amount of food you get to eat
✔️Adds micronutrients to your diet
✔️ Keep calories low while in a deficit
✔️ Means you’ve got more calories left over for other meals and treats like frozen yogurt, popcorn which is what I’ve been enjoying every couple days
✔️ Keep me full longer
✔️ Keep bowel movements regular
✔️Takes a lot more time to eat which means I mentally and physically feel like I’ve had more food.
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Bars can be great:
✔️If you’re short on time
✔️Have a hard time getting your calories in
✔️Want dessert (some bars taste like candy bars)
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The choice is yours 😀. Either way I recommend reading the label. I’ve noticed a lot of bars and dessert bites that claim to be high in protein, and in reality have only 4 to 6 grams of protein and way more fat! Also, ingredients are listed in order of most to least. The first ingredient listed for this bar is brown rice syrup which, fun fact, has a glycemic index of 98. That’s higher than table sugar! Yikes!
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