I thought I’d have Abs in 12 weeks

When I first started working out I thought i’d have abs in 12 weeks. Why? Because I saw an amazing mom complete 12 weeks of BBG and end up with abs! I did 3 rounds of BBG and never had abs like hers. It isn’t that I skipped workouts, didn’t work hard or ate crap. I actually never missed a workout or had a cheat meal in those first 12 weeks.

A big part of where you see progress is genetic. You cannot choose where you gain or lose weight. This isn’t to say you can’t get abs! You can! It just might take you a lot longer than someone else.

Today I jogged over 25 minutes without stopping, without knee pain and without gasping for air. I could have actually kept going if I didn’t have such a long lists of things to do today. This is progress! Taking the time to recognize different kinds of progress isn’t just important, it’s essential. If you are measuring all your hard work by waking up and checking for abs or booty gains, you are going to get demoralized.

But focusing and celebrating a variety of progress is important. Weight loss and strength gains aren’t always linear. Life happens, motivation changes, injuries occur and sometimes we lose momentum. The next time you’re feeling a little disappointed in your progress think about:
-What physical gains have you made?
Are you stronger?
Are certain movements or exercises easier now?
Are you lifting higher weights?
Are you running farther?
Are your clothes looser?
Do you have a better relationship with food?
Are you walking more?
Are you more active?
All of these are signs of progress!

What’s one non-scale victory you’ve had lately?

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  1. i dont get it… so WHEN AND HOW did you get abs? if it is genetic, then why follow ANY diet plan proposed by other people?

  2. Post

    Abs are a result of having a low body fat % which largely has to do with nutrition (what you eat). The genetic aspect can affect how quickly your abs become visible as your genetics determine where your body stores fat.

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