What are carbs?

CARBS, CARBS, CARBS!!!!! EVERYTHING in this photo is primarily made up of carbs. Most people think carbs are limited to:bread, pasta, potatoes, rice and oatmeal. They forget that fruits, vegetables, legumes, sauces, juices, some packaged protein shakes and sodas, are also carbs. For most of us, carbs are our body’s main source of fuel. While protein is important, carbs after a workout are also crucial in helping your body recover from your training. I include carbs at every meal but make sure to include most of them before and after training.
I use to be scared of consuming carbs. At one point I was eating less than 100 g of carbs a day. Want to know how many I eat now? Check out ➡️ #justgetfitmorecarbsor for more posts about carbs #justgetfitcarbs

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