When to eat treats

Sometimes weekday ice cream ?is the best ice cream! The problem with saving all your treats for the weekend is that it’s easy to get carried away. I use to keep my eating ? Monday to Friday and let loose on the weekends. The problem with the weekends is that they make up 28% of your week.
Neglecting to, “check yo self” all weekend can result in you eating back all those calories you worked so hard to burn off during the week. And so begins the vicious cycle of depriving yourself M-F and binging on food and booze Saturday and Sunday.
I don’t say this out of judgment, but out of experience. It’s also why nowadays I prefer to spread my treats throughout the week. And realistically, sometimes you need ice cream on a Monday!
What’s your favourite?flavour? Mine are hazelnut, coffee, vanilla bean and cotton candy!!! ?

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