Why Weighing Yourself Doesn’t Track Progress

When it comes to the scale, I feel like a broken record: We don’t need her!

There are soooo many fantastic ways to track your physical progress, and none of my favorite ways include the scale. 


Weighing yourself is tedious and overall an inaccurate measurement of health. In order to accurately measure how much weight you’ve “lost” you have to weigh yourself at the same time each day and while wearing the same amount of clothes. This doesn’t account for all of the other less controllable variables: bloating, menstruation, constipation… the list goes on. 

Well then how can I track my progress?

I am so glad you asked! Here are the ways I encourage my clients to track their progress. 

  • take your measurements – I’ve lost inches and gained muscle so the scale has gone up but my measurements have decreased
  • take photos – you don’t have to show anyone, but they are a great way to see progress
  • physical gains – can you lift more than you did before?
  • you’re still going – it’s been 3 months and you haven’t given up, that’s an accomplishment
  • you feel better – when you look in the mirror and like what you see
  • you have more energy – working out and eating better normally give you a lot more fuel for life
  • your skin looks better – maybe sweating more has given you the confidence to wear less makeup or maybe eating better has helped clear up your skin
  • you sleep better – that workout was tough, of course you’re going to sleep better
  • you’re less stressed – working out is a great stress reliever
  • your cravings are under control – cutting out processed foods, reducing your sugar foods and limiting trigger foods helps to keep your cravings in check
  • you’ve saved money – spending less money on expensive coffees and processed foods adds up
  • you’ve watched less tv – you’ve committed to be more active, walking or being active while watching tv 

Scales only focus on how much weight you’ve lost and not on all that you’ve gained! If you’ve been putting in the effort to move your body, add more vegetables, and get enough sleep, you’ve been supplementing your life with habits  that will serve you well. The scale doesn’t account for any of that.

It’s also important to take time to reflect on your journey. What were your habits before you decided to change your lifestyle? I’d bet big money that you’ve come pretty damn far. I’m proud of you! Recognize your exponential growth and revel in it, but continue to show up for yourself day after day. And if the scale is holding back your confidence, throw it out!

As a little freebie, here’s a Measurement Tracker that will help you track your progress. All you need is a tape measure!

Try one of these methods and let me know how it goes by commenting below or sending me a DM @justgetfit! 

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