5 Minute Waffles

I’ve recently been living off these waffles. They are so damn good. I normally have at least one egg a day and one protein shake too. However, neither really keep me feeling full. I personally need to chew something (not drink something) to feel like I’ve been fed. So blending these two ingredients (plus a little extra) to make a waffle keeps me feeling satisfied!

Time: 5 minutes
Yields: 1 serving of waffles
Macros: 4c/6f/30p
Calories: 190

1 egg
1 scoop vanilla protein powder (Optimum nutrition whey)
1 tsp baking powder
1/8-1/4 cup water give or take

1. In a blender (I use a nutribullet) mix egg, protein powder, baking powder and 1 tbsp water.
2. Blend ingredients
3. Check to see the ingredients are batter like (you can add more water if it’s not runny enough)
4. Pour in greased waffle maker. Do not over fill.
5. Wait about 2 minutes till waffle has risen and add the remaining batter by filling in any holes. Close and wait another minute.
6. Add toppings and enjoy!

My personal favourite toppings which are:

1. Blend cottage cheese with lemon zest and about 1 tsp of fresh lemon juice – I spread it on and add fresh fruit. This is great if you like tart toppings topping!


2. Cut up half an apple into bite size pieces and cook it in a bit of butter with cinnamon.

Optional Toppings:

-fresh fruit
-Greek yogurt
-maple syrup
-cottage cheese
-peanut butter

1. do not over fill your waffle maker, when the batter rises it will leave everywhere
2. Don’t add too much water, you don’t want it too runny
3. Top your waffles with Greek yogurt or no sugar added syrup to make the waffles moist, they can be a dry
4. Reheat your waffle in the toaster for a crunchier waffle

Need a waffle maker?

My waffle maker

My Oster waffle maker is super simple,┬áno frills. It claims to have temperature settings but that’s debatable. Mine is permanently set to medium. For less than $20 usd (which is less than the cost of going out for waffles..for 2 people) you can make waffles everyday!!! Or, you can be like me and make waffles on the weekend, for the entire week!! Ps. Waffles freeze really well. ┬áJust take them out of the freezer the night before you want to eat them.

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  1. Post

    I’ve tried with two different kinds and they both turned out the same =) but they were both whey….so I can’t really offer you any more info than that. Hope it helps! xo

  2. I have the Double Chocolate Whey Protein from ON, think it would still be good? Also, have you just tried these as pancakes? Thanks!

  3. Post

    You should be able to. I’ve only tried with 2 different ones and they turned out fine both times.

  4. Post

    It should be just fine! I haven’t tried them as pancakes..i have a different pancake recipe on here that I use. I’m sure they would work for pancakes though. Perhaps a little less baking powder though.

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