10 Must Have Products

In no particular order 10 things that make my life easier, more organized or help me in the gym.

Food Scale: For less than $12 you can get a reliable and easy to use food scale. Battery life is long. Has the tare feature to remove the weight of containers and you can easily change the unit of measurement.

Resistance bands: I love these for dynamic warm ups, glute engagement work, finishers, and workouts when traveling.

Resistance loops: These are great for full body workouts and to improve your pull ups

Thera bands: These bands are great for full body exercises and are a great way to train your whole body at home, when travelling and are what I like to use to warm up.

Hip circle: They are great for banded workouts, they don’t slide down and are a lot more intense than the rubber resistance bands. I believe this was the first company to make these thick fabric ones. They’re an investment but I’m still using the same one nearly 4 years later.


Epilator: I literally can’t live without this. I hate waxing and shaving. It’s such a time suck. About 8 or 9 years ago I found out about epilators. Basically it’s a fancy shaver with an option to actually pull the hairs out from the root. So, it’s the same as waxing in terms of how long it lasts but it’s way less messy! I use it on my legs and underarms so I never have that pokey stubble that pokes through your skin. It last about 4 or 5 weeks for me. Such a game changer!


Packing Cubes: We spent so much time traveling that packing cubes are a must. They are a super easy way to sort everything in my suitcase so I’m not digging for specific items. I normally do undies and bras in one, leggings in one, sports bras in one, pants in one, T’s in another, etc. It’s also a lifesaver if you ever have to open your suitcase up at the airport!

Beauty blender: and/or the knock off I bought: I’m by no means a makeup expert but I LOVE using these. I’ve gone through 3 beauty blenders in the past 3 years…which is also why I tested off the amazon copycats in the link above. They definitely get a lot bigger than the beauty blender and while they don’t necessarily work as well, the fact that you can get 5 for $9 is a game changer.

Refillable Olive oil Spray: A cost effective and environmentally friendly way to cut back on your use of aerosol sprays. You can use this with lots of different kinds of oils or dressings.

Spiralizer or…vegetti (who named this!?): My best friend bought this for me when we move to Europe. It’s a super quick and easy way to spiralize zucchini or cucumber for a meal and is perfect if you don’t have a lot of space.

Paderno Spiralizer: If you plan on spiralizing more heavy duty things or want different shapes and sizes I really like this one. I use it for apples, potatoes, carrots, beets, zucchini, cucumber, etc.

Lifting straps: These aren’t a must but I LOVE them! My grip strength is sometimes lacking and while I have the strength to lift or pull certain weights, I find it ends up slipping from my hand and compromising my form. I use these for deadlifts, pull ups, rows, walking lunges, lat pull downs, hammer strength row machine.

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