145 lbs in Both Pics

I weight 145 LBS in both pics 😲😱.  Remember babes, there are lots or ways to track progress beyond the scale! Check out my IG stories for more details on my story. Or click “My Journey” in my highlights to learn more.♥️
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When I first started I thought I could eat whatever I wanted because I worked out 😬. Oops! Exercise is definitely an important aspect of how I changed my physique. But, more important is how I changed my eating habits, relationship and approach to food. Nothing is off limits. Carbs are my friend. I can enjoy a meal out without stress and I eat food I like at every meal!!
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If you’re working hard and not seeing the results, check out the link in my bio. The biggest change I’ve made is to my nutrition. Access recipes to the foods I eat daily (there are over 160!). These recipes have helped me develop a healthy relationship with food. You can even learn to calculate your macros/calories for your goals using my guide! ❤️ Learn more HERE.

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