“How Much Weight Should I Use?”

“What weight are you using?”
“How much weight should I use?”
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The reality is it doesn’t matter how much weight I use. You should always be basing your weights on your personal strength, goals and what you can lift with confidence.
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When I film my home workouts I use 7 lb weights. Why 7 lbs?
🔸they’re light enough to use for all exercises
🔸they aren’t intimidating for viewers starting out and I know those who have been training for a while will increase their weights when appropriate
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How do you know how much to lift?
🔸if you’re unsure, start with a lighter weight
🔸 ready for a challenge, grab a higher weight, you can always put it back if it’s too heavy
🔸If your goal is 8-10 reps, increase the weight you use when you can do 10 reps with confidence. Essentially you want the weight to be challenging enough that you can’t really do more than 10 (or whatever rep range you’re working in). When you increase the weight you’ll likely only be able to do 8 reps again, and then you’ll have to work with that weight until the same thing happens.
🔸Don’t forget, some days you’ll be stronger, some days you’ll be weaker so don’t force yourself to use a certain weight just because you used it last time. Listen to your body but challenge yourself as often as you can.
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Can I, and do I perform my home workouts with heavier weights? 🔸Generally, yes. But when I started I used 5s and 7s because that’s why I needed and that’s where I was at.
🔸I also know from experience that starting to workout can be intimidating, and that is not at all my intention when I started to share more home workouts.
🔸Start where you’re at and don’t compare your day 1, day 30 or year 3 to anyone else.
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The following videos show the difference between some of my home VS gym workouts and how the weight varies. HEAD TO MY IG STORIES for a longer chat on this.
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