Do you filter yourself on social media?

Do you censor yourself on social media? I definitely do. A large part of this was because when I started my account I was an elementary school teacher. There was always a fear of someone finding my account, commenting on it or having parents or students find it. All of which happened. I never did have any issues with the content I posted because I’ve always been pretty true to myself in what I feel comfortable posting. Now that I’ve left teaching I still wouldn’t post photos of me in lingerie because that’s just not my jam. I have nothing against any women who chooses to do that, but it currently remains something that’s just not my thing. Maybe one day it will be, but not at this time.

I think it’s also extremely hard to do be your true self when we live in a world where everyone is always calling people out for being sexist, racist, offensive, etc. There is not doubt in my mind I say offensive things BUT they never come from a place of malice. If I could solve world peace and equality, I sure as shit would. So, for now I filter myself and save my unfiltered comments and jokes with the few who know what’s in my heart.

I think it’s also hard to be completely yourself and uncensored in daily life. I mean, a lot of us censor ourselves on a daily basis depending on who we’re talking to and interacting with. I’m different at the office than I am at home. My voice changes when I call my moms work (super polite high pitched Nikki) vs. when I call my parents place. A lot of us even censor how we dress and dress differently depending on where we’re going, who we’re seeing and what we’re doing. I think a lot of us, myself included, have a strong desire to fit in and belong. Its human nature.

At the heart of it all i’m a ridiculous human. I don’t censor myself out of fear of not being liked. I’m old enough to know not everyone will like me and happy enough not to care if people do like me. I like me, and that’s gotta count for something.

I’d say i’m 85% kinda, compassionate and silly. I prefer giving gifts than receiving and often think about all the things I’d do for people if we were rich. I legit spend a good deal of time day being silly, laughing, dancing and smiling. The other 15% of my time a raging bitch losing my shit over: technology, other grown ups, and being interrupted. I hate being interrupted. Once I get something in my head I need to do it immediately despite how inconvenient or poorly timed it is. It’s a flaw for sure.

People always things i’m super sweet and always smiley. And while this is 96% true. I will go out of my way to inconvenience you and potentially make your life miserable if you fuck with the people I love. I don’t have time for bullshitters, fake people or who people who only have time for you when they need something. I have a very small group of people in my life who I like and care about, but I will always go out of my way for them.

So while I can honestly say I’ve always been genuine about how I portray myself on social media. It’s also just a facet of who I am. Social media is an amazing place to make connections, share your story and build real friendships.But for many of us it’s just one aspect of our lives. We are so much more than those little squares and videos.

I’ve decided to work on being a less filtered but not enough to get me into any trouble haha! Hope you decide to stay around for it!

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