Bloating and Pain After Eating

Eating on days when I’d be in a bikini used to stress me the eff out. I’d literally be scared to eat because of looking bloated or…well…ima say it, fat. I think we often build things up in our mind and blow things out of proportion. Like, what my stomach will look like after a meal.

As humans we’re super adaptable and can get use to a lot of things. Including things that aren’t “normal” or healthy, like bloating, stomach pain or discomfort. Pain and bloating are your body’s way of saying something isn’t quite right and you need to take a closer look at your eating. I’ve had a quite a few nutrition clients who lived with these things long term and just assumed this was their normal…until we looked at what they were eating and were able to identify specific foods that were causing them problems.

I’m not someone who ever promotes cutting out food groups, ex. carbs. That being said, based on both my personal and coaching experience, there are a lot of healthy and whole foods that can be problematic for people.
If you consistently experience bloating or discomfort, I would definitely recommend keeping a food journal and making note of how you feel after meals or even trying an elimination diet to see what foods maybe aggravating your stomach.

If you’d like one on one assistance with this just send me an e-mail for information about personal nutrition coaching. E-mail me here.

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