Eating out + Bloating

This new bikini arrived yesterday but I didn’t have a chance to try it on before we went out for dinner. In the past I would have never gotten home from a big Italian dinner and tried on a bathing suit. Nope, it wouldn’t have happen.

I’m currently in a great place with my body and my eating. It’s taken me a long time to get here. I know I can enjoy a 3 course meal and bread basket without guilt because what I do most of the week is what’s going to determine my results. Focusing on eating minimally processed whole foods 80% and enjoying myself when I go out it important. I know that a meal out with friends isn’t going to undo my progress.

However, I also don’t look at it as an opportunity to eat everything on the menu and disregard what I know about food, how food is prepared and what makes me feel good. I know for a fact eating a ton of processed foods, things high in sodium or a lot of fried foods makes me feel slow, lethargic and bloated the next day. Generally speaking, it just isn’t worth it in my opinion.

Another super important thing I want to note is my lack of bloating. A lot of people post pictures of how bloated they get after a meal out. Learning what foods you can eat and enjoy without bloating, pain or discomfort is super important! My body tolerates bread, pasta, and dairy really well. How do I know this? I’ve removed all those things from my diet for 3 month periods to see. This is why there is no one best diet. What brings me success will be terrible for someone else. So skip the fad diets and pick of way of eating that works for you long term!

When eating out:

  • I generally limit this to 2-3x a week and order what I want guilt-free!
  • I remember to eat slowly, try to be the last one eating!
  • I avoid drinking my calories. All those delicious slushy drinks, smoothies juices and alcoholic beverages add up fast!
  • I stick to foods that my body can tolerate. Or at least if I eat something I know will upset my tummy I can’t be surprised at the results.
  • I keep portion sizes in mind. If I see plates going by with 3 servings of pasta, I ask got a half order or separate my food into two servings when it comes. It works as a little reminder not to maybe stop and think about if I’m hungry before I start eating the second half.
  • I stop eating when or slightly before I’m full. You don’t have to finish it just because it’s on your plate. Take things  home or if you know thr portions are large ask for half of it to get packed up right away.
  • I share appetizers and desserts if portions or large or I just don’t want to over do it but still want to try something.
  • I chew gum for 5 minutes or have a mint when I’m done so I don’t keep picking.

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