FAQs – macros, weight loss, calories, alcohol, meal prepping and more!

The above video answers all the questions below:

I included specifc times so you can skip ahead to what you actually want to know! =)

1. Do you need to count calories or macros to lose weight? [00:32] 2. What your current workout routine? [2:20] 3. Is cardio necessary to lose weight? [2:25] 4. How do you prevent your veggies from going bad? [3:32] 5. How do you keep your diet to a T? [5:09] 6. How do you keep up your motivation? [5:25] 7. Where do I get my containers from? [6:36] 8. How do you gain weight in a healthy way? [6:45] 9. What’s one food you can’t live without [8:39] 10. How do you feel about fasting? [8:49] 11. How do you balance going out and meal prepping? [9:03] 12. How do you calculate your macros? [10:38] 13. How do you know how many calories you need to eat each day to reach your goals? [10:38] 14. What is my budget for meal prepping? [12:00] 15. What are your tips for a non-calorie counter? [12:56] 16. Do I get get bored eating the same foods?? [14:30] 17. What’s your favourite thing to prep? [14:53] 18. How do you decide what to meal prep? [15:14] 19. What’s one thing you definitely do not eat? [16:20] 20. Do your carbs and fat macros ratio matter if you’re trying to lose weight? [17:07] 21. How do you beat sugar cravings? [18:15] 22. What type of dressing do you put on your salads? [20:14] 23. What’s the best remedy for stubborn belly fat? [20:29] 24. How many calories do you eat a day? [ 22:34] 25. How do I eat intuitively? [23:12] 26. Can you tell me more on meal prepping on what to do and what not to do? [25:50] 27. Do you drink alcohol? Any tips on how to incorproate it into a healthy diet? [26:09] 28. What protein shakes or supplements o you use to enhance to your progress? [27:28]

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