What I eat on the weekends when my goal is fat loss

A quick video of what my meals/snacks look like on the weekend when I don’t meal prep and am in a fat loss phase.

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  1. Can I eat a kit kat a day ( 5 fingers) and fit it in my calories and still lose weight? 🙂

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    At the end of the day weight loss is about being in a calorie deficit. You can definitely lose weight while eating a candy bar a day. Most people try to moderate how many calorie dense foods they consume though as they are less filling. Also, depending on your activity level a calorie dense snack can use up a big portion of your calories for the day. So while the answer is yes, there are definitely lots of things to consider before consuming an entire chocolate bar every day. I always encourage clients to refrain from completely eliminating foods from their diet and instead work on portion control. You might find you’re just as satisfied with 2 or 3 fingers of a kitkat if you take the time to eat it slowly and savor it every day. However, it is always up to your own discretion to decide how much and how often you feel comfortable including certain foods.

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