Fresh Fruit vs. Dried Fruit

The problem with dried fruit is a serving size is never really enough! I can (accidentally) eat 8 dried apricots (160 calories), no problem. It’s a lot harder for me to accidentally eat 8 fresh apricots. Due to their shrunken size, it can be challenging to remember what a true serving size looks like. While dried fruit can be a quick and convenient snack containing fiber, potassium and iron, dried fruits still don’t have as many vitamins as fresh fruit and can contain added sugar and sulfur dioxide. This is why some cereals, granola and bars with dried fruit often have such a high sugar content. Whether you choose fresh fruit or dried fruit it’s important to eat foods that fit your lifestyle. Just keep in mind dried fruit probably isn’t a great snack to mindlessly snack on if you’re trying to watch your calories/macros.

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