67 Minute Meal Prep

67 minutes to meal prep and clean up (without help!). What’s keeping you from staying on track this week and reaching your goals?

How much did this cost?

This meal prep cost less than $75 dollars Canadian for 18 meals. This doesn’t include the other food I bought for snacks and smoothies.

What did I prep?

Breakfast: Oatmeal that will be cooked the day of with water and topped with cinnamon. Fresh berries that will be washed the day off to prevent them from getting soggy.

Lunch: mashed sweet potatoes with laughing cow cheese mixed it, shredded pulled chicken (search #justgetfitpulledchicken for the recipe) and stir fried vegetables (onions, bell peppers, zucchini, eggplant and asparagus)

Dinner: Ground chicken cooked with taco seasoning, canned black beans without sodium and the same stir fry of vegetables

I will also be having a protein smoothie for breakfast: 1 scoop chocolate whey, 2 cups spinach, water and unsweetened almond milk, 5 fresh strawberries and all natural peanut butter blended with ice.

Other snacks include fresh vegetables and a bigggg salad.

How do I store this?

I store all food in the fridge for up to 4 days. I prefer not to freeze anything. I don’t have any problems with food spoiling or going back. Things that help with this..very cold fridge, air tight containers, and separating food.

Where are the meal prep containers?

Meal Prep Starer Pack. They are reusable and recyclable. I use them for months if not over a year.


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  1. I need new idea for meals. I just have to get motivated . And wanting to loose wieght

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  3. I need help with meal prep I don’t know how to eat healthy I been want to loose weight for a long time but I’m unmotivated

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