How Much Should You Weight?

When it comes to our bodies, a lot of us are fixated on the number of the scale and our BMI which is based on height and weight. The reality is that different heights and weights look different on different bodies. Weight and BMI aren’t always the best indicator of health. And solely basing your fitness level and progress on how much weight we’ve lost isn’t looking at the entire picture.
Let’s take a look at two girls: Nikki and Shannon. We’re the same height, even wearing the same exact bikini (thanks @bronzyswimwear) but wow! Look at how different our measurements are. Both of us are avid healthy mealpreppers and regulars at the gym, but our body measurements and calorie consumption is different! But despite the differences, we are both healthy, happy, and doing what helps us to reach our own personal fitness goals! And that’s what matters!
The point of the post is that it’s never a good idea to compare your body to someone else’s, or attempt to get your body to be the same. So many things contribute to our body makeup like bone density/frame size, relative muscle mass, body composition, etc.. A better indicator of health is how you feel, and how your body performs. A body scan (like a DEXA scan) which measures your body fat, lean mass, and bone health can also be helpful.
So, next time you’re worried your body is different than someone else, remember the phrase: you do you, boo! Because seriously, that’s what it’s really all about: our own individual fitness goals, finding what works for us, and supporting each other to get healthy! Now let’s go out there and slay the week!

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  1. Hi question how do I know my macros I’m wanting to lose weight I do home workout but I’m confused on my eating I’m not eating great like I should so can you help me

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  3. Hi Nikki, I’ve been following you for a number of years and really love what you do! My problem @5’7” I only weigh 100lbs, sometimes slipping to 98! A year ago I was 130😳! I love to cook AND EAT but I can’t seem to gain weight. The worst thing is I’ve lost muscle mass…. for the first time in my life I dulcimer the way I look in a bathing suit. Can you help? Any solutions?

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    Hey Brenda! This is definitely something I can help with. I’ve successfully helped numerous women to put on weight in a healthy way. If this is something you’d like to chat about more we can set up a call. To get the process started, just fill in this application form:

    Cheers! Nikki

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