How to Snack!

Go to snacks! My go to use to be “protein” smoothies from places like Jamba Juice because they’re promoted as healthy snacks. Using words like “workout” and “protein” in the names made me think they had to be the best option to tie me over till my next meal. When I first started looking at the nutritional info of these things I was like oh, ! I love smoothies as much as the next person but the problem in my experience is

.drinking my calories rarely keeps me full

.I was thinking of this as a snack

.I end up consuming a large chunk of carbs without being satiated

.all the sugar left me craving more sweets


Nowadays I fill my purse with snack options that can replace a meal or tie me over till I find something I want to eat.


My picks:

1 c cherry tomatoes

1.5 c cucumbers

1 @womensbest vegan protein shake

15 almonds

1 85% dark chocolate square

1 medium apple

2 hard boiled egg whites


Places like Jamba juice can still have lots of good options, but it’s important to make informed choices instead of just assuming things with “protein” are going to be your best choice.


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