How to meal prep and FAQs


1. I pre-plan my meals on Thursdays and make a grocery list

This gives you time to do research, plan ahead to research macros, calories, or meals that meet your training goals.

This week I decided I would be making: cauliflower fried rice with bbq chicken & corn, protein pancakes, and zucchini turkey lasagna (no noodles) from @fitmencook

2. Give yourself LOTS of time to cook.

On average I need 3-4 hours. If I’m not making pancakes or waffles, I really only need 2 hours (including clean up).

3. I plan out what to cook first based on cooking time and oven usage.

I like to get things in the oven ASAP and then either prep snacks or cut and chop for the next meal. Put food in containers ASAP and anything with meat in the fridge right away.


1. Do I freeze anything?

Because I only prep food for Monday to Friday I don’t freeze anything UNLESS i’m making waffles or pancakes. If I make waffles or pancakes I freeze Thursday and Friday’s portions.

2. How long does food last?

I prep less meals than we need. I know that once a week we have a family dinner, and that Friday we will probably get sushi after the gym so..we really only need 3 dinners. There’s also always random things you don’t plan for and I’d rather have eggs and oatmeal for dinner than throw food out so…often times I cook 2 meals less than we theoretically need.

3. How many people is the food for?

I cook for my husband and I. The only difference between what we eat is portion size. However, that’s not always the case..I eat a lot. 🙂

4. How long does it take to meal prep?

I find I can prepare lunch and dinner for 2 people in about 1 1/2 – 2 hours. This varies depending on what I make and if I have any help. If i’m cooking breakfast also, give me 3ish hours.

5. What’s the nutritional value of the food?

I don’t count macros…I wish I did..but i’m currently too lazy. I count calories and try to approximate:

300-400 calories for breakfast

400-500 calories for lunch and dinner

300-400 calories for snacks and protein shakes

6. What protein powder do we use?

Optimum nutrition. The chocolate taste amazing!! I do my baking and waffles and pancakes with the Optimum Nutrition vanilla.

7. What pre-workout do we use?

Amino Energy. Currently loving lemon lime and watermelon flavors. My husband loves grape but I think it tastes like cough medicine.

8. What lunch bag do I use?

I use the Shield Bag from FITMARK BAGS use code friends15 for 15% off your bag.


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    Honestly, I just put it in the fridge. I don’t make salads (except greek salad) because leaves always get soggy. I’ve been doing this for almost 30 weeks and have never had a problem with food spoiling. Hope that helps.

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