Leg Warm Up & Ankle Mobility


This is my leg day warm up. I do it about 2-3 times a week. It has helped so much with my squat form, pain in my knees, pain in my hips and is slowly helping to improve my ankle mobility. I’ve been going to Pre Therapy for physio therapy for a couple of weeks so all my ankle mobility work is from there as well as some of my warm up exercises.

Warm Up:

1. 5 minutes on the treadmill

2. Hip flexor stretch (forearm to the ground and rotation) – 15 per side

3. Pigeon stretch 1-2 minutes per side

4. Glute bridges with band – 20-25 reps

5. 1 legged glute bridge – 15 per side

6. Glute bridge hold – 30 seconds

7. La Crosse ball on my TFL – squeeze glute for 5 seconds and relax onto the ball repeat about 5-8 times depending on the tightness

8. Glute release with the lacrosse ball – 1 to 2 min per side

9. Side leg raise with band – 15 per side

10. Side leg raise with band hold – 30 seconds per side

11. Ankle mobility (1st part of the video) using the purple band. Raising the front of my toes for about 5 seconds and then relaxing my foot and leaning more onto it.

12. Glute engagment with the purple band – pushing the knee with the band outwards as I move so you can feel your glute engaging and firing. 5-8 per side

13. Ankle mobility not shown – I’m also using my Thera gun and lacrosse ball to massage the outer and inner part of my lower leg to release some of the tension. I am also foam rolling my calves a couple times a week.


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