Meal Prep FAQs

1. How many days do I prep for?

4 days

2. Do I freeze anything?

No-I find a lot of things don’t freeze well. On occasion, I’ll freeze things like chili or soup because in my experience they defrost well.

3. How do I keep veggies fresh?

Make sure they are dry before storing them! If you can buy baby cucumbers, cherry tomatoes or things that don’t need cutting they last longer too.

4. How do I reheat my food?

I reheat my food on a pan, or eat my food cold because dats how I like it. On occasion, I’ll heat it up in the microwave after transferring to a glass container.

5. Where are my containers from?

Click here – “My Top 6 Most Used Meal Prep Tools”

6. Do I weigh everything?

Very rarely. I tracked macros and weighed things for long enough I have a good idea of portion size and I’m not currently trying to lose weight so I have quite a bit of flexibility in how much I can eat.

7. How much do I spend on groceries?

~$60-100 CAD ($46-77 USD) for 7 days worth of food more details #justgetfitgrocerytips

8. How long does it take?

On average I spent 1-3 hours prepping and cleaning up.

9. How do you prevent things from getting soggy?

Using good containers to separate foods, drying vegetables, not prepping certain foods and trial and error.

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