FAQs about Meal Prepping

Why meal Prep?

I work too hard in the gym to let what I put in my mouth do anything but help me meet my fitness goals. Having a busy schedule like many people means that cooking daily is not only undesirable but often impossible. If I get home and I’m hungry, I will literally eat whatever is the most convenient. Healthy, measured and balanced meals are rarely in your pantry.

How many days do I prep for?

I cook enough meals for Monday-Friday (only breakfast and lunch on Friday ). I keep in mind any prior commitments we have before cooking. Knowing that we always have a family dinner once a week means I only prepare enough dinner for 3 nights (M, T, TH).

How do I keep food fresh?

A lot of people ask this. Besides keeping the food in the fridge and setting the temperature a little lower I don’t do anything else. I don’t freeze meals. On occasion I will freeze things like waffles and pancakes because those are super easy to defrost. However, I haven’t had any issues with food going bad. If any meals haven’t been eaten by Friday they get tossed. I’ve been prepping like this for over 7 months and I haven’t had any problems.

How many people does this feed?

Two. My husband and I. We generally both eat the same thing. The only thing that differs is the portions.

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  1. Love this!!! I’m going to give this meal prep business a go tomorrow, can’t wait!! Thanks for the inspo xx

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