Home Tabata Workout

This full body tabata workout will keep you burning calories all day long! Do 8 rounds of 8 exercises. 20 seconds hard (as many as you can, no counting reps) , 10 seconds rest.. 8x. It works out to be just under 35 minutes but 10 minutes of that is the 10 seconds of rest between sets. You can download a free tabata timer which counts down both your 20 seconds of exercise and 10 seconds of rest for the exact number of rounds you want. That way you are working out the whole time and never setting a timer. ?

1. Skipping
2. Bench hops
3. Kettlebell swings
4. Russian twists
5. Burpee star jumps
6. Skaters
7. 180 jumps with a floor touch
8. Push ups

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