YOU HAVE OPTIONS – I love noodles, zoodles and VOLUME. There’s nothing more frustrating than finishing your meal and still being hungry because a single serving simply isn’t enough. No matter what I eat I always add volume to my meal by eating a lot of veggies (salad, spinach, micro greens, kale, broccoli, etc). Same goes for when I eat pasta. While I enjoy pasta, I don’t eat it often because a lot of pasta is generally quite processed and doesn’t always sit well. HOWEVER, i firmly believe in balance and not restricting myself so if I want to eat something I will and I’ll enjoy it guilt free!  I love eating zoodles (check out #justgetfitzoodles for more posts).  Zoodles are also super great if you’re macro poor at the end of the day! Zucchini’s contain a lot of nutrients such as: vitamin c, manganese, vitamin A, folate, antioxidants and it’s also low in calories. Scroll down to the bottom to see how to make/prep zoodles.


Not only is spiralizing soooo much fun, it make super awesome things that make your tummy happy! I love making zucchini noodles and cucumber noodles, spiralizing carrots for salad and spiralizing sweet potatoes and yams to make my own shoe string fries [that I just pop in the oven..recipe to come]. I own a julienne peeler (which is okay to make short zucchini noodles) but, it is tiring and hard to maneuver as your zucchini gets smaller. I also have a hand spiralizer which works really well but its extremely tiring if you’re doing more than one zucchini. The Paderno Spiralizer is definitely the easiest one to use. Even when spiralizing tougher things like potatoes I don’t have to use a lot of force! I definitely did a lot of research before buying this one and I couldn’t be happier!


When I prep zucchini noodles I do not pre-cook them. I use my spiralizer (link in bio) to make zoodles and store them in my meal prep containers. When I’m ready to eat I cook them on my scan pan which doesn’t require oil. You can add oil or steam them. I then add the rest of my ingredients (sauce + protein) to the pan to warm it all up.
*calories/carbs of pasta will likely vary depending on the brand used.

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