Social Media + Photoshop

I LOVE MY BODY (on the left)! It’s real, it’s strong and it’s healthy! Before you compare your body to someone else remember:

1. You are already beautifu!! 2. Bodies come in different shapes and sizes and they should all be celebrated
3. Your worth is not determined by how tiny your waist is, how big your booty is or how lean you are
4. Images can be edited but some images actually reflect hard work, not everything beautiful is photoshopped
5. Your health and mental well being should be prioritized because working hard to look like someone else isn’t going to make you happy in the long run.
6. Be kind with you words, what you say to other can hurt, but so can what you say and think about yourself!
Unrealistic beauty ideals are  prevelant in all forms of media today. Think about the incident with model Zendaya who had to fight back after having had her hips and thighs slimmed down on Photoshop. Same goes for celebrities like Keira knightly, Lorde, Kate Winslet.
Be real, be raw and embrace the imperfections. Be #perfectlyimperfect ♥ *I NEVER edit my photos. This was literally the best job I could do without me looking like a centaur ? no joke
And yes people the bars on the right are crooked! I’m not trying to fool anyone with my non existent editing skills ? NOT THE POINT OF THIS POST! If anything it just proves I never edit my photos because I suck at it ? ✌️

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