Staying on track when traveling

No matter where I go I always include fresh produce in my diet. ???????
How do I stay on track when traveling?
1. I eat at least one meal in our Airbnb, usually breakfast.
2. When eating out I have smaller portions (generally easy in Europe ?) or two appies.
3. I add protein to big salads and get dressing on the side so I can eat pizza for dinner ?.
4. I walk A LOT or give myself 45-60 minutes to workout in the morning.
5. I travel with my whey protein because that’s one macro I know I won’t be consuming enough of.
6. I drink lots of water ?.
I’ll be sharing some pics of what I eat while traveling and what foods I pack to stay on track when traveling ? ?.
Also, Bucharest and the parts of Romania we saw were beautiful. The food was amazing and the people very nice ?.

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