The Dos and Don’ts of Meal Prepping

Trying to figure out how to prep?
❌Don’t try to prep 7 days worth of food. It’s not food safe and you’ll throw half of it out.
✔Start by prepping 1 or 2 meals for three or four days. Or just make an effort to prep healthy snacks!
❌Don’t try all new recipes when you prep. You’ll spend all day in the kitchen.
✔Use recipes you’re familiar with to minimize frustration, time and make your life easier. If your mornings are rushed prep overnight oats. If dinner is hectic prep pasta sauce or prep veggies for a stir fry.
❌Don’t go in without a plan. Prepping several different meals and snacks can be just as challenging as it sounds so make a list. What would you benefit from having done in advance and what can you afford to do daily.
✔You can make omelettes daily by waking up 10 minutes earlier or make dinners daily by having meat marinade and veggies cooked.
❌Don’t waste your time prepping food you aren’t excited about. If you aren’t drooling while you’re cooking you’ll be even less excited about it in 3 days.
✔Prep foods I love and can’t wait to eat! Spend time looking for healthier versions of your favourite dishes!
❌ Don’t expect to calculate your macros/calories and prep everything perfectly the first time.
✔Slow and steady will keep you from spontaneously combusting or losing your shit on your loved ones. Believe me, my hubby knows ? I love boo. ?
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