What’s in your peanut butter?

Peanut butter is life! But what’s in yours? Reading labels is important and not just for the calorie content. What’s in the packaged food you buy?
Next time you buy peanut butter read the labels. A lot of PB contains things like:

❌corn maltodextrin a thickener/filler that’s high on the glycemic index and can caused spiked blood sugar levels. –
❌Mono- and dyglycerides are TRANS FATS used to keep things with oil from separating. You won’t see any number besides trans fats on the label though because companies are legally allowed to round down anything less than 0.5 g.

❌Hydrogenated oil which has been found to distort cholesterol levels, encourages obesity, causes inflammatory conditions, and can even be a cause of infertility.

My point is, do your own research and when possible, choose products with minimal ingredients. People often complain that the more “natural” PB separates. It’s true and it’s a natural result of not having crap in it! So after you open it, give it a good mix and store it upside down ?. ? And yes it should say “used to” not “use” but I Netflix and edited ? oops!!!

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