1500 Meal Plan Example – Food for a day

1500 calorie meal plan breakdown for my more petite babes who like to include tasty treats like protein wafers on the daily.
?Brekkie: 2 eggs, 100g cooked brown rice, broccoli (my inner Asian needed post workout rice)
?Lunch: 130g cooked ground chicken breast, 200g mixed veggies, 100g roasted potatoes
?Dinner: Slow cooker chicken chili with green salad and balsamic vinegar + olive oil
?Dessert: @womensbest Chocolate hazelnut protein wafers
?Snacks: fresh berries or a persimmon or an apple
Macro split for all meals: 168C/45F/120P
*These are my actual meals but the number of grams of each is higher than stated to fuel my body and workouts.

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