“I’m eating healthy but I’m not losing weight?!”

“I’m eating healthy but i’m not losing weight?!” This is one of the most frequent DMs I get.

Over the years I’ve learned,
🔸”Healthy food” does in fact have calories and while it is delicious and nutritious, some of it is also calorie dense. 🥜🥑
🔸You went out for lunch but you only got a salad. Cool, was it 500 calories or 1500 calories because of all the dressing, nuts, cheese and dried fruit? 🥗
🔸You cannot out train a bad diet 🏃🏽. It doesn’t matter how much cardio or crunches you do, if you eat more calories than you burn, you will most likely gain weight.
🔸Lastly, what else are you really eating? 😮 Just because you didn’t plan on eating that cake your co-worker brought it, that mini candy you found in the car, or that Tbsp. of peanut butter that was way bigger than a Tbsp., it still counts!
So now what? To make a change you need to be informed about how much AND what you’re really eating.

🔸 You can do this by tracking EVERYTHING you eat for 7 days without changing the way you eat. Being honest is what will get you the best results and most useful feedback.

🔸 Use a free app like My Fitness pal to record and scan the food you eat.

🔸 After 7 days you will have a lot of insight into what you eat, how much and what your macro ratio looks like naturally. You may be surprised what you learn!

Want me to have a look at your 7 day food diary and give you feedback on what realistic changes you can make to get closer to their goals as well as suggested calories/macros for your goals? E-mail me!  cost -$50 USD

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  1. I’ve been trying to lose weight for three years, have followed many different plans and struggle mainly with food! I’ve tried to follow plans but they usually involve foods I don’t like and don’t really know what food to substitute it for! I really need someone to tell me what I can and cannot eat! I also need help with training, whether to increase weights or do more reps on lower weight etc.

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    Then it definitely sounds like this might be the right challenge for you. You don’t have to wait till the challenge dates to start. I just won’t be promoting for another couple days but today is always a good day to start =). You can also check out my personal weight loss tips on this other post: https://justget.fit/how-to-lose-weight/
    Hopefully you’ll find the challenge worthwhile! =) xo

  3. I have been going to the gym everyday twice per day, Im trying to eat just salads, good protein and not too many carbs, I used to be 177… (5,6 height and 35 years old); just moved here in October and I am 185, that’s why I started at the gym… And I’ve lost just three pounds, doing cardio, strength, weights, even zumba classes.. I’m desperate and sad, it is like my body is not responding to nothing, I need to loose at leat 25 pounds of fat. I beg you, I have the time and the will to do it, but I need help. Thank you.

  4. I’m in! I’ve been tracking everything for the past two/three weeks and adding BBG and no results so far. The clothes are still the same but the weight haven’t changed a thing. I know we are supposed to look at the scale but in my case I have to lose 10kg to be in the healthy weight for age and height.
    It’s just frustrating.

  5. I’m super frustrated- I feel like I eat healthy, I even stopped alcohol consumption and I haven’t lost 1 lb this month . I work out 6 days a week as well. I would love some guidance! 🙂

  6. Working out 6 days a week and tracking my meals, I’ve seen very little to no movement on the scale. This would help me a lot!

  7. Told you before and would say it again , your a boss lady 💪 Definitely taking up the challenge !! Bring it on!

  8. I just started about 8 weeks ago and although I’ve seen some improvement it’s not what I expected. I’m running out of ideas for meals and this would definitely help me.

  9. Totally down !!! To do this and see what can happen !!🤛🏽❤️ I’ve been eating better but I still haven’t seen any results 💀 but if anything you can count me up for the challenge 🤼‍♀️

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    Tracking what you eat will definitely help you learn a lot of things, especially if you make sure to include Eveything! But just to be clear this challenge doesn’t include any kind of meals. You can however find those on my Instagram or if you search recipes on here 😊

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    Tracking Eveything definitely gives you a lot of insight into what you eat and if you’re eating enough of each macro.. Among other things. It’ll definitely be a worthwhile task 👍

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    Then definitely take part in the challenge! Even if you’re not selected I’ll be doing a follow up post on what to do with the information you collected ☺️

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    Participating is definitely the right start. Either way, on your own or with my help you’ll get some tips on what to do with the info you collect. Just make sure to scan and record everything! 😀

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  20. I was tracking my meals for some months and I got frustrated to count every single thing so I stopped. Hopefully this challenge will help me.

  21. Hi, I’m in. I now workout 5-6 days per week, just last year worked out 7 days and sometime twice a day. It’s either at the gym or doing cage fitness training. I’ve lost weight by cutting down calories as well as tracking what I eat (eating protein and good fat, hardly any carbs). Now after months I’m at this plateau and can’t see any results anymore. In terms of weight I’m quite happy but in terms of physical visibility I feel like I don’t see much results anymore considering I workout regularly. Plus I’m scared of increasing my calories in food thinking I’ll gain back those kgs I’ve lost. I’m confused and not sure at this stage if I’m eating the right amount in order to see further results.

  22. I’m in… I have been tracking going on seven weeks. I feel good. The change has been sloooooow but I can notice it. I want to become effective at what i have started. Thanks for the tips and motivation! 💪🏻

  23. I’m already tracking meals and macros, so I may as well give it a go! Couldn’t hurt to have some extra guidance!

  24. Hi Nikki! I would love to join your challenge. One of my difficulties with healthy eating and consistent exercise is the fact that I work shift work. This means sometimes I work 12 hour day shifts, some times I work 12 hour night shifts. They can vary how many in a row, and I find it can really throw off what I eat or how much I exercise. Looking forward to learning more about my own habits!

  25. I’m in !!! I find it challenging to track everything that I eat sometimes, honestly, because sometimes the mindless eating leads to am amount of bread in my belly, that I have no clue how much it weighed … I really want to be free from that though!

  26. I’m in! Question, are you picking the winner from comments here and from DMs of a completed diary? Excited to be held accountable (even if it’s accountability to hopefully be chosen). 🙂

  27. I’m in. I’ve been working out about 5 days a week and incorporating heavy lifting. I’ve been watching what I eat but I know I could be doing better. But I’m at a loss on what exactly i need to eat to lose weight. This challenge would be helpful.

  28. I really want to get some help… I’ve tracked my food before but it always ended up either being too restrictive and I become very obsessed with counting 🙁 But I’m trying to get a new start right now, I’ve been tracking about 3 weeks and well… sometimes I go wayyy over the intented goal… but then again I’m not sure whether my caloric goals are way too low.

  29. After losing 8lbs initially last year, after a long time of struggling to lose anything I thought I had cracked it. Now I’m back to the same, not being able to lose. I’m desperate to understand what I should be eating !! I’m in.

  30. I am going to take up this challenge ! I have been training for 3months , my friends commented that I look fit but I did not loss any weights. Recently , I started to monitor my diet and do meal prep. Hopefully this will help to acheive my goal!
    From Singapore

  31. I’ve tried doing something similar before, but it’s tough to keep track of how much food/calories I’m eating since I snack so much. Very interested in experimenting with this idea again, though, as I feel like I’m somewhat wasting my time in the gym when I just try to gauge how much food is enough by how my stomach feels as I eat.

  32. I’m definitely down for this! I’ve been tracking for the last month and even though I’ve lost 7 pounds and inches here and there, I feel like I’m not comfortable with what I’m doing, I’m always trying to see a way to change it or improve it… Mainly because I’ve +100 pounds to lose.
    A questikn though, you said to increase the chances of winning whe need to send you a screen shot of the food diary, all days, just one day, everyday? Thanks ❤️

  33. I would love too, I came home for my spring break and felt the freedom to binge eat. I am not happy with the damage that I have done and all the hard work that I have ruined. I need a cleanse and in that case a challenge with people to hold one another accountable is just what I need. 🙂

  34. It isn’t that I didn’t lose weight. It’s that I lost it by severe restriction with a side of bulimia. So, yup, help would be loved. I have a very uncomfortable love hate relationship with food.

  35. I definitely would like to join this challenge! I just got home from. Deployment in the beginning of January and I decided it was time for a change. I’ve completely changed my diet and am now doing to the gym 5-6 times a week. I feel that I am doing well so far but I would like to get some input from someone who know about the macros and nutrients and what not that I just have not gotten around to learning fully yet.

  36. I want to join… lately life has been rough and fitness is the only thing I’m sure of. It keeps me in check mentally,emotionally and physically.

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